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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Can I get and Editor Please

In the Political Notebook section titled "Tis the Season" It was stated

"Political yard signs have again begun popping up and around town. Herb Hernandez, Democratic candidate for Allen County recorder, gets the award for having up the first signs of the season - at least the first noticed by Political Notebook."

Maybe they should change professions and become a referee or something because I don't know what they're seeing. Last time I checked the Democratic candidate for county recorder was Herb Summers. Herb Hernandez is a former county councilman from the Republican ticket.

Come on guys you can do a better editing job than that.

On Straight-Ticket Voting

Its not very often that I can say I disagree with both Steve Shine and Kevin Knuth.

Today's Political Notebook by Nikki Kelly and Ben Lanka started off discussing the availability of straight-ticket voting this fall. A conservative talk host out of Indy thought that the practice isn't neccessarily a good idea. He thinks voters should have to at least look at the ballot.

Steve Shine disagreed and was quoted as saying "There are people who believe in the principles of one political party or the other. To not have the ability would be disadvantageous to the Allen County Republican Party."

Knuth concurred with Shine on the availability of straight-ticket voting.

I can't completely disagree with either men because their views are based on the viewpoint of their position as party leaders. But what is advantageous to the Republican and Democratic parties is not necessarily as advantageous to the welfare of the public. Voting should be done with care and great thought rather than haste and habit.

I also question Steve Shine's "principles" statement. There are many voters who do believe in the principles of a particular party. The question is whether or not the candidates in the party for which these people are voting for believe in those same principles.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Price of No Cigarettes

The proposed county-wide smoking ban has been met with a lot of contempt by voters. While commissioner Nelson Peters has been the point man for the county on the issue, Dr Crawford is viewed as the person who has pushed it the most.

Smoking could end up being a major issue in next year's mayor's race in Fort Wayne. Comforts such as smoking often become hot topics with certain voters when threatened. Since both men are on the short list of potential candidates, each should tread carefully with this issue.



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